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VIMUN recommends using some of the following sources to start your research:

  • CIA world factbook

  • BBC Country profiles

  • UN News

Public speaking

Public speaking can be scary, especially for new delegates. If you're nervous, we suggest you check out this article.

Position Papers

Position papers are due April 14th, 2022 at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Position papers are not required but are highly encouraged!


For delegate privacy reasons, VIMUN does not create group chats for pre-conference lobbying. However, we encourage delegates to share contact information during the conference.

Group delegate registration will open soon.

Individual delegate registration will be open soon.

Staff Applications will be open soon.

VIMUN 12 is on April 16th 2022.

VIMUN is open to all middle and high school delegates ages 12-18 and is completely free

VIMUN loosely follows UNA/USA rules of procedure

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Cryptocurrency Regulation




Monkeypox Outbreak

Historical Crisis

Yalta Conference, 1945




Harry is a junior from Toronto, Canada. Harry has been part of the VIMUN secretariat since VIMUN 8. Outside of MUN, Harry is an avid history and economics enthusiast. Harry spends his time playing squash and developing computer algorithms. Harry is excited to be a part of the VIMUN  secretariat as the Co-Secretary-General. He looks forward to VIMUN 12. 


Co Secretary general

San is a 15-year-old junior currently studying in Qatar. She has been during MUNs since 2018 and has developed a strong passion for them. Ever since the pandemic she has been actively participating in virtual conferences around the world, for a while now. She has staffed the previous iterations of VIMUN and is really excited to a part of the secretariat as the Co-Secretary-General. She looks forward to this amazing conference and hopes everyone has an excellent time.


Kshitij Kant,
CO chief of staff

Kshitij will be serving as the Deputy Chief of Staff for VIMUN. He is 15 years old and lives in Dubai. Kshitij's passions include economics and of course MUN. He look forward to welcoming you to the next iteration of VIMUN and hopes for an enjoyable conference and fruitful debate.


Shreya tandon,
USG of Delegate affairs

Shreya is a junior in high school living in Mumbai, India and has been heavily involved in MUN since grade 8. She enjoys MUN conferences because they force delegates to remain calm in the face of unpredictability and tactful when trying to form allies.


Hninn Thit, 
USG of Academics

Hninn is a rising junior studying AS/A Levels from Myanmar. Having actively participated in several MUNS since middle school, she has grown to be very passionate about international affairs and political science. Apart from MUN, she enjoys playing basketball, binge-reading novels and is involved in social and environmental activism.

Image from iOS.jpg

USG of crisis

Delaney is an 18 year old senior from Tennessee. She has been a part of VIMUN since VIMUN 9. She is also part of MUN and history bowl at her school. Delaney spends time volunteering at a local art museum and also sings in choir. She wants to major in political science or international relations. She is excited about VIMUN 12!

Image from iOS.jpg

kabeer haider,
d-USG of crisis

Kabeer is a highschool Junior from Calgary. Doing model UN for about two years now, he is quite fond of it and all forms of debate and academia.

Image from iOS_edited.jpg

D-USG of Academics

Inci is a freshman at high school who is currently taking part in the pre-IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Programme and is honored to be serving as the Under Secretary General of Academics at this edition of VIMUN. She has been participating in MUN conferences since the beginning of her high school journey and already has 16 experiences under her belt. Crisis committees specifically HCC or JCC compel her the most. Moreover with her outstanding literacy skills and humorous personality she hopes you will have a great time together!

VIMUN Secretary-Generals


Lily Fishman
SECRETARY GENERAL (2020 - 2021) & Founder  


Harry Patel
SECRETARY GENERAL (2021 - Present)     & co-Founder


     SECRETARY GENERAL (2021 - Present) & co-Founder

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