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  • What platform will we be using for virtual conferences?
    We use Zoom video conferencing.
  • How do unmods work?
    Unmods will be carried out using "breakout rooms" in Zoom. This allows for delegates to talk in small groups without leaving the main call.
  • Do I have to be in the time zone the conference is scheduled in to participate?
    No. Anyone can participate if they can make the time commitment in their own timezone. You will need to convert the time the conference takes place (eastern standard time) to your own time in order to be on time for the conference.
  • How do we vote and motion?
    Delegates can vote using the yes and no noverbal feedback options on Zoom and can motion using the "raise hand" feature.
  • Is there a fee for attending the conference?
    No, the conference is free.
  • Can schools and groups attend VIMUN?
    Yes! Our registration form has an option to register a deleagtion group. If you give us your email and the name of your delegation, our team will be in contact to accomodate your group's needs. Delegation groups are also eligible for the Best Delegation award.
  • Can university students attend VIMUN?
    Unfortunatley, for safegaurding reasons, university students may not attend VIMUN.
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